regexp: only strings without given end string

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Jette on 29 Jan 2018
Answered: Jyotish Robin on 8 Feb 2018
I try to use regexp to extract strings with certain conditions within a cell array.
My conditions are:
  1. String starts with one of severeal given strings (e.g. 'abc', 'def' )
  2. There can be several substrings starting with '_' following the substring defined in 1
  3. The string must not end with '_std'
header = {'abc', 'abc_b1', 'abc_b1_std', 'abc_b1_b2', 'abc_b1_b2_std', 'def_b1', 'def_b1_std', 'bcd'};
I'd like to extract:
'abc', 'abc_b1', 'abc_b1_b2', 'def_b1'
I tried the following
res = regexp( header, ['^(abc|def)(_.*)*'] );
but I don't know how to exclude the '_std' at the end.
Any ideas?
( I use MATLAB R2015b)

Answers (1)

Jyotish Robin
Jyotish Robin on 8 Feb 2018
Hi Jette!
Your approach seems right to me in taking into consideration the first two of your requirements. Now, to extend it to exclude the '_std' at the end, you can make use of Lookaround Assertions.
To be specific,
>>res= regexp( header, ['^(abc|def)(_.*)*(?<!std)$'], 'match' )
seems like the required command you need to use.
Hope this helps!



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