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Invert Multiport switch - Simulink

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andrea on 12 May 2012
Answered: Jeremy on 9 Dec 2014
Dear guys, I really need the inverse block of the Multiport Switch! Can you help me?
Thanks in advance. A.

Answers (2)

Jeremy on 9 Dec 2014
Late answer for future people who end up on this page while googling...

Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind on 14 May 2012
Do you mean that you want to control the signal flow, so that it flows through to a select output of the switch, but not to the others? What should the signal value on the disabled path be in that case? It is not possible to do such a thing directly, but depending on your use-case, I think Enabled Subsystems will help you model what you have in mind.
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TAB on 15 May 2012
Or it can be easily implemented using "S-function" or "Embedded Matlab function" block.

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