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Problem with Visual Stacking of my Patches

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Johannes on 10 Feb 2018
Edited: Johannes on 16 Feb 2018
I do not know when, but suddenly my patch is rendered as if FaceAlpha is set to a value lower than 1.
Edit: I realised, that the four objects on the second image below are shown in the order they are loaded into the figure. Is there a property that manipulates the visual stacking of Objects?
I want these Objects to be rendered like they are real Objects in 3D, e.g. One Object or face is in front of another, given a certain persepctive, but when you change your viewing angle by 180 degrees, the other Object is in front.
I can see inside the object in the first image below, but not through it. I think I accidently messed with something. Please help!
It looks like this:
This are the Patch-properties:
AlignVertexCenters: 'off'
AlphaDataMapping: 'scaled'
AmbientStrength: 0.3
Annotation: [1×1]
BackFaceLighting: 'reverselit'
BeingDeleted: 'off'
BusyAction: 'queue'
ButtonDownFcn: ''
CData: []
CDataMapping: 'scaled'
Children: [0×0 GraphicsPlaceholder]
Clipping: 'on'
CreateFcn: ''
DeleteFcn: ''
DiffuseStrength: 0.6
DisplayName: ''
EdgeAlpha: 1
EdgeColor: [0 0 0]
EdgeLighting: 'none'
FaceAlpha: 1
FaceColor: [1 1 1]
FaceLighting: 'flat'
FaceNormals: []
FaceNormalsMode: 'auto'
FaceVertexAlphaData: []
FaceVertexCData: []
Faces: [12×3 double]
HandleVisibility: 'on'
HitTest: 'on'
Interruptible: 'on'
LineStyle: '-'
LineWidth: 0.5
Marker: 'none'
MarkerEdgeColor: 'auto'
MarkerFaceColor: 'none'
MarkerSize: 6
Parent: [1×1 Axes]
PickableParts: 'visible'
Selected: 'off'
SelectionHighlight: 'on'
SpecularColorReflectance: 1
SpecularExponent: 10
SpecularStrength: 0.9
Tag: ''
Type: 'patch'
UIContextMenu: [0×0 GraphicsPlaceholder]
UserData: []
VertexNormals: []
VertexNormalsMode: 'auto'
Vertices: [8×3 double]
Visible: 'on'
XData: [3×12 double]
YData: [3×12 double]
ZData: [3×12 double]
Also the Depth Illusion is totally gone. On this picture the 4 Objects are not ordered like one would guess by the rendering. The pillar on the left should be in front of the shelve:


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