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Why is eventData.HitObject / WindowMous​eData.HitO​bject not listed in properties?

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Johannes on 10 Feb 2018
Commented: Stefan Wackerow on 16 Nov 2019
Somewhere on the web I found out, that I can use eventData.HitObject / WindowMouseData.HitObject to identify which object has been clicked. I use it a lot and love this feature. However, when you disp eventData it just displays the following:
WindowMouseData with properties:
Source: [1×1 Figure]
EventName: 'WindowMousePress'
Where is my .HitObject hidden? Is there something else inside eventData that I could use? How can I explore eventData without any documentation?
Thanks in advance!

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Stefan Wackerow
Stefan Wackerow on 16 Nov 2019
It also has the property .IntersectionPoint, which gives the location within the control which was clicked at.
Very useful functions, but is it documented anywhere?

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