what is the difference between high pass and high boost filter

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Jim on 15 May 2012
Can anybody tell me what is the difference between high pass and high boost filter?
Thanks in advance

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Wayne King
Wayne King on 15 May 2012
Hi Jim, normally what I have seen referred to as a high boost filter is when you take an image and possibly amplify it, then subtract from the amplified image a blurred (lowpass filtered) version of the image.
It is an image sharpening technique.
High pass filtering is when you simply apply a highpass filter to your image. A filter like this one for example:
b = [
0.2333 -0.4040 0.1083 0.0625
-0.4040 0.6998 -0.1875 -0.1083
0.1083 -0.1875 0.0502 0.0290
0.0625 -0.1083 0.0290 0.0167];
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Jim on 15 May 2012
Does the high boost filter removes blurrness from the image
I have a blurred image
You can see the image in the link below:
Can I apply high boost filter to remove blurness from the image

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Sritej gunta
Sritej gunta on 29 Mar 2013
the high boost filter amplifies the high frequency components and it keeps the low frequency components intact(almost).
it also enhances the edges and removes the blurred parts

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