How to plot a dark green graph with RGB indication?

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I want to plot a dark green and a dark green dashed graph, but unfortunately MatLab complains that the vector does not have the same length:
Error using plot
Vectors must be the same length.
Error in EasySim (line 174)
plot(x,z1,'b--',x,z2,'c--',x,z3,'b',x,z4,'c',x,z5,'g',x,z6,'g--',x,z7,'color',[0 0.5 0],x,z8,'color',[0 0.5 0],'linestyle','--')

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Emily on 6 Aug 2019
If you want different lines to have different properties, you can plot them with separate lines of code, using 'hold on'.
plot(x,z1,'color',[0 0.5 0],'linestyle','--');
hold on
plot(x,z2,'color',[0 0.5 0],'linestyle','-');
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 7 Aug 2019
True -- but in the case where you are using the same color and only changing the linestyle (your example) then you can use a linespec:
plot(x, z1, '--', x, z2, '-', 'color', [0 0.5 0]) %name/value pairs apply to all the plots

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Tony Mohan Varghese
Tony Mohan Varghese on 19 Mar 2018
plot(_,Name,Value) specifies line properties using one or more Name,Value pair arguments. Name-value pair settings apply to all the lines plotted.
Please refer to the documentation of plot:
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 19 Mar 2018
Also, the name-value pairs must go after all of the x, y, linespec items -- which is probably why you are receiving the error.

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