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is this a scam

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Ibraheem Al-Dhamari
Ibraheem Al-Dhamari on 16 Mar 2018
Commented: zina shadidi on 24 Mar 2018
I got his email:
This message was sent to you by this author via your author page on MATLAB Central.
Hello, I read your question in Matlab Central and would like to offer you my instant 1-to-1 programming service. An affordable, quick and tailored matlab-programming service to your needs. Check it out at: Thank you
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zina shadidi
zina shadidi on 24 Mar 2018
I received the same message on my email

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John D'Errico
John D'Errico on 16 Mar 2018
This is the internet. NEVER trust anyone that willing to offer to do your work, and all you need to do is pay them for the service. So, is it a scam? Is it any better than the constant e-mail I get from someone in some third world country, offering me millions of dollars, if I only send them my financial information so they can transmit the money? This is hard to know. Are there differing degrees of scams and spammers?
Perhaps at best, this is a person who is so desperate for money, they are willing to offer the service of doing any job for you, without knowing even what you need to do. My question would be how good are they really, if they cannot find an honest job? Is it worth the risk?
There is always someone willing to take you for a ride, if you are only foolish enough to take them up on the offer. What did PT Barnum say, about a sucker being born every minute?
Instead, do your own work. Create something from your own efforts, something that you can be proud to say was entirely yours.
John D'Errico
John D'Errico on 16 Mar 2018
I understand that you don't need someone to do your work. My point was exactly that. So why do you need to know if this was a scam? Of course it was.
A problem is that by posting his address, you are just helping him to scam others, by increasing his presence on the internet.
If you wanted to notify the admins here, posting it on Answers is not the way to do so. Answers is not an official support site. Contact The MathWorks directly.
However, I will pass this problem to the MATLAB Central admin.
A simple solution in the meantime is to prevent others from sending you mail directly from your account.

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