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Standardize data when using Regression Learner App, but when predict...?

Asked by QuanCCC on 19 Mar 2018
Latest activity Commented on by QuanCCC on 5 Apr 2018
Hi, I have several features for a regression model. I used another software to standardized my data (for inputs and outputs). Then I used the standardized data for the Regression Learner App and get an acceptable result. My question is: I will use this exported model to predict another input dataset. What should I do with those new input data to get their output result? Or should I not standardized my training dataset to build the regression model? Thank you.


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Answer by Prajit T R
on 22 Mar 2018
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Hi Quan
Since you have trained the model on the standardized data, the model would give an accurate prediction only when the same standardization is used on the test inputs as well. Make sure that you are using the same function/software for standardization as you had done while training the regression model. Hope this helps.

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