Storing results from unit tests for later review

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I have a set of unit test methods defined inside a class derived from matlab.unittest.TestCase. The tests run and give pass/fail results as expected.
What I would like to do is to save a data structure generated during each test, for later review. Currently this will consist of three file names, but I may add to this later.
I have been looking through the unit test framework documentation, but haven't found a way to do this yet. Is it possible to do this?
Brendan Hamm
Brendan Hamm on 4 Apr 2018
Sorry for the delay.
I'm a bit confused. If you have the information on the paths of the images created by each test, why can these not be matched up?
Are you using a parameterization of the image paths?
Perhaps a code example may clarify exactly where the issue is.

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Andy Campbell
Andy Campbell on 28 Jan 2019
Based on the comments above, it sounds like you may want to try an approach simialr to the one outlined in this blog post:
Hope that helps!
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Michael Lofgren
Michael Lofgren on 1 Feb 2019
Thanks Andy - at a glance your post looks like it might answer my question. I'm working on something else at the moment but will certainly review your post in more detail when I eventually get back to it.

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