help with FiltFilt and entering coeff

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David Ballantine
David Ballantine on 2 Apr 2018
Is there a video on how to enter filter coeff, I have these calculated but not sure how I enter them. I have calculated my Xabs but don't know how to to filter the signal using:
a(1)*y(n) = b(1)*x(n) + b(2)*x(n-1) + ... + b(nb+1)*x(n-nb) - a(2)*y(n-1) - ... - a(na+1)*y(n-na) a(1)*y(n) = b(1)*x(n) + b(2)*x(n-1) + ... + b(nb+1)*x(n-nb)
I don't want to use toolbox.

Answers (1)

Abhishek Ballaney
Abhishek Ballaney on 6 Apr 2018
Osman Atay Öztürk
Osman Atay Öztürk on 10 Sep 2021
change the order of filter probably you used first order butterworth filter thats why you have 2 terms in A and B.
[b,a] = butter(N,Wn,'high');
Change N for changing order of butter filter.

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