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Is there a way to manipulate a local scope data member of the stateflow under test in the simulink test module?

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I understand that parameter overrides in simulink test can be performed via the test manager. Is there a similar option available for overriding local data members of the stateflow under test?

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Anmol Pradeep Bhargava
Anmol Pradeep Bhargava on 4 May 2018
Hi Vivek, Unfortunately such a functionality doesn't exist. Local data members of a stateflow chart cannot be overriden. Although, you can try adding a data store memory (for the local data member to be overriden) and setting the initial value to a parameter and then add a test in Test Manger to override this parameter. Here are a few links about Data Store Memory and how it can be used in a Stateflow chart.

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