How can I use my figure from MATLAB Online in another application?

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I have created a figure in MATLAB Online. I would like to copy and paste it into a different application such as a Word document, but when I go to the "Edit" menu, the "Copy" option is grayed out. How can I get my figure into another application?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 12 Apr 2018
Copying figures to the clipboard is not supported in MATLAB Online. To move figures from MATLAB Online to other applications, you can save the figure as an image file with, for example, File > Save As then change the file type to the desired format. The saved file can be accessed from your MATLAB Drive. If you are using MATLAB Drive Connector, the file will be in the MATLAB Drive folder on your machine. Details of the Drive Connector can be found here:
Otherwise, you can access your MATLAB Drive and download the saved image at the following link:
Haleema Sadia
Haleema Sadia on 31 Oct 2022
@MathWorks Support Team will you please let me know whether we can save online Matlab figures in Matlab figure format. Just like we save it in installed Matlab versions. Any way to do this?

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