silent installer fails on selecting products to install

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I'm trying to install silently, but getting a failure indicating "No products are selected. The product lines specified in the input file are invalid. Verify the product list and restart the application." I specified a File Installation Key as well as a copy of my network license file.
I read in a previous answer that it may be necessary to install interactively once to download the archives. When I install interactively, and say "Use a File Installation Key" it eventually offers me only the license manager. But if I log in, it offers me the full list. Is it true that a fully automated install is impossible and that I need to use a GUI to download the installation files?

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Sindhu Yerragunta
Sindhu Yerragunta on 4 May 2018
Hi Eric,
Download a complete set of installation files and copy them to the offline computer. Activate MATLAB in the License Center to obtain the license file and file installation key (FIK). After this, provide all details in the installer_input.txt file
Please refer the following link for more information on this.
If you have followed all these steps and still facing any issue then contact Installation and Licensing support.

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dd on 5 Apr 2019
matlab is so f*** stupid, why could not work after i trying all methods from website???????
!!!!! ???
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Dariosh on 4 Mar 2020
You are right!
It does not work and Mathworks know nothing! They refer only to some other stupid questions.
They must get/find some pro people.

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