Build or update data set in a data object with for loop

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Would like your advice on designing my coding structure (architecting). I am trying to simulate a state-space modeled control loop in Matlab (not Simulink). I would like all my signals in the loop to be data objects, with the physical signal being the primary property. It seems to me, in order to simulate the dynamic response of the loop, a for loop must be used to compute the local response one data point at a time, which would mean my primary property of each data object is computed one at a time. Can I do it this way, with ip being the input data object, ip.signal the dataset?
for i = 1:length(ip.signal)
x(i+1) = A.*x(i) + B.*ip.signal(i);
op.signal(i) = C.*x(i) + D.*ip.signal(i);
The property "signal" of output data object op is constructed point by point like that, yes or no? Or you have a more elegant way of doing it?
Yves on 4 May 2018
Thanks, Jasper. Yes, I should; x is a state variable.

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