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Is it possible to simulate a network architecture/model in matlab?

Asked by Raheel Memon on 11 Jun 2018
Latest activity Commented on by Walter Roberson
on 14 Jun 2018
Hello, I want to simulate a network communication model (you can say its 3 tier model), where a node A wants to send a request to B and vice versa, there could be multiple conditions for example:
A --direct (involve heavy processing)--> B % if near
A --> (Server (local)) --> B % if far
A --> (Server (local)) --> (Server (Main)) --> (Server (local)) --> B % if very far
I want to simulate these three conditions and compare the throughput and latency. Please if anyone can suggest which toobox is appropriate for that purpose? or any simulation example like that already exist!


Then SimEvents would seem most likely.
Thank you for your response dear Walter Roberson, I was looking at how a communication network can be simulated on SimEvents (components like; Node, Router, Connections with bandwidth, Messages/Packets) but unable to find any suitable help on that, can you please suggest me to find some hands-on guide or any tutorial for that? I am very beginner in matlab, your help will be really appreciated. thank you..

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