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Is there any way I can put a matrix in my defined function

Asked by JoshCalvanist on 14 Jun 2018
Latest activity Commented on by Michael Horn on 14 Jun 2018

Hello everybody,

This is my defined function:

%This function is for number 2 of project 4.1

%I will use this function to define TRATIO.

function tratio_sol=my_TRATIO(delta, t, x_over_L)

global a L ;

a=0.279e-5; %This is in meters squared per second

L=0.03; %this is in meters

L_squared=L*L; %This just simplifies things

exp_numerator= -(a).*((delta)^2).*t ; %This just simplifies things

inside=(delta).*(x_over_L); %This just simplifies things

numerator_part=(sin(delta)).*(cos(inside)); %This just simplifies things

denominator= cos(delta).*sin(delta) + delta; %This just simplifies things

top=(exp_numerator)./(L-squared); %This just simplifies things

numer_f= numerator_part.*exp(top); %This just simplifies things

tratio_sol= 2*(numer_f./denominator); %This just simplifies things


Is there any way I can put a matrix for 'delta'? Or no?


"Is there any way I can put a matrix in my defined function"

Of course, if you write your function to accept a matrix, then it can accept a matrix as an input. As your code contains no explanation of what it is supposed to be doing, you have not explained anything about the algorithm, and you have not explained what you tried or what you expect to get, we have no idea if your code does (or can do) what you want.

Please edit your question and clarify what you are actually trying to achieve.

It also seems you are missing the dot before ^ for your matrix math.

exp_numerator= -(a).*((delta).^2).*t ; %This just simplifies things


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