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How do I efficiently replace data in data sets where I want to find a value in the data that is in one array and replace it with the data in the same position in another array.

Asked by Rebecka McSloy on 22 Jun 2018
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For example: A = (N1, N2, N3..., N20) B = (NN1, NN2, NN3..., NN20) C = (Data1, Data2, .... Data13000)
N1, NN1, and Data1 are all numbers there is not a relationship between them other than I want to look in C and replace any exact values that can be found in A with the exact values found in the same position in B. I can do this in for loops but I think there must be a more efficient way than: for i = 1:length(c) for j = 1:length (A) if C(i) == A(j) C(i) = B(j) end end end


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Answer by Steven Yeh on 22 Jun 2018
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You can use a single loop with find function:
a = 1:10;
b = 11:20;
c = 1:2:10;
for i = 1:length(c)
index = find(c(i) == a);
c(i) = b(index);