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saving a figure as .png with name of a parameter

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Hallo everyone, I am trying to save a fig as an image (.png) but I want the .png file to have a specific name of one parameter. For exapmle, I have created the str called "name"
name=strcat('quicklook_',dd, '/', mm, '/', yyyy);
and I am trying to save it with the following command
but it doesn't work.
Any ideas?
Rik on 25 Jun 2018
What do you mean with doesn't work? Do you get an error? You are aware that slashes in filenames generally result in folders being created?
rania on 25 Jun 2018
Yes you are right. I was just confused and I couldn't think of the limitation of "/" in saving a filename in general

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Accepted Answer

ES on 25 Jun 2018
You cant have "/" in your file names. Can you be happy with say
name=strcat('quicklook_',dd, '_', mm, '_', yyyy);

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rania on 25 Jun 2018
Ohhh I didn't thought of it. I was confused because I used "/" in the title of the figure, but you are absolutely right. Thank you a lot!


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