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How to remove an element from a structure array using matfile handler

Asked by Abdurrehman on 27 Jul 2018
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on 28 Jul 2018
I am using following piece of code to remove an element from a structure array, but its not working please help
since the above wasn't working thus I used following statements.
AllElements = MatfileHandler.StructureArray; %loaded all elements in AllElements
AllElements(index,:)=[]; %Removed the required element
MatfileHandler.StructureArray = AllElements; %Resaving the AllElements to Actual Matfile
the above code works fine but it takes too much time especially when the size of structure is big. Please help me how to reduce time or remove element by using matfile handler, thanks.


What is a matfile handler? I can't seem to find it in the help. Is it a class that you wrote?
And how much time is it taking now. And how gigantic is your structure array? Like how many elements and gigabytes?
MatfileHandler = matfile('filename.mat','Writable',true);
My Structure is 36x1 array with 12 fields consisting of cell and double data types
Precisely speaking I had to say matfile object

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1 Answer

Answer by Guillaume
on 27 Jul 2018

As documented in the limitations of matfile, it does not let you index into the fields of a structure. Therefore the only way is to do what you have done: load the whole structure, edit the structure and write it back.

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Its takes around 1 minute to remove an element :-(

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