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how to add the results of the checkbox to the table.

Asked by aveks Gebastyan on 4 Aug 2018
Latest activity Commented on by Adam Danz
on 13 Aug 2018
Help me. I have 5 checkboxes, when I click the first checkbox the results will be displayed in the table. the problem is, when I click the second checkbox, the second checkbox results, appear in the table but replace the first result ... can anyone help me ...
// checkbox1 this is true or false?
a= get(hObject,'Value');
if a==1
set(handles.uitable1,'data',{'Bercak', '1', '0';})
set(handles.uitable1, 'data', '');


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1 Answer

Answer by Adam Danz
on 5 Aug 2018
 Accepted Answer

When you set the uitable data, you're setting the entire table, not just one line of the table.
For example, in this line from your code:
set(handles.uitable1,'data',{'Bercak', '1', '0';})
The entire data table will be just that 1 row.
Instead, you need to read each checkbox and write the entire table including all rows. If you need help with that let me know.


Judging from these callback functions, the first one clears out the table and replaces it with a single line and that line will always be the same.. the second one adds an additional row to the table. Could you describe what's not working? What would you like these callback functions to do?
yes is true. I want, when I click first checkbox and then the result is in the first row in the uitable, and when I click the second checkbox, the result is in the second row in the uitable. etc.. when I click unchecbox to the checkbox, then result in uitable clear one by one according to how much we uncheckbox to the checkbox.
sorry MR.i'm troubling you.. thanks for answer all my question..God bless to you.
I don't mind helping at all. :) But I'm having a little trouble understanding what you want to do.
When you check a checkbox, what data goes into the table? Where does your GUI get the data from?
Could you write out a simple example of what would happen when I check and uncheck a few boxes?

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