PWM Reading & eCAP probblem with TI C2000 f28379d & Simulink

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Hi, I'm trying to create a control system for a RC car with TI C2000 f28379d & Simulink, the project includes:
  • On CPU2: four encoders for measuring wheel speed, reading PWM commands (steering/throttle) from TX-RX.
  • On CPU1: IMU 6dof reading (I2CA), use of serials SCIA/SCIB and PWM output for servo/ESC (ePWM1/ePWM2)
The two programs communicate through the IPC blocks.
For encoders and PWM commands reading I referred to "RC_Demo_C2000_Control_Unit.slx" from
Testing the system I realized there are errors on reading commands: I read sporadically unwanted peaks (see image).
In the attached image I use a PWM with a high logic level of 1.5ms.
I did several tests with two different TX-RX pairs:
  • one with 50Hz output frequency where there are sporadic peaks (PWM with high logic level of 1.5ms duration)
  • the other with 100Hz output frequency where I get much more frequent peaks. (PWM with high logic level of 1.5ms duration)
Below is the configuration used:
  • ENCODER_A:P24(eCAP1)
  • ENCODER_B:P25(eCAP2)
  • ENCODER_C:P14(eCAP3)
  • ENCODER_D:P15(eCAP4)
  • throttle:P16(eCAP5)
  • steering:P29(eCAP6)
Any ideas to solve the problem?

Answers (1)

Venkatesh Chilapur
Venkatesh Chilapur on 6 Aug 2018
Please ensure Overflow/Underflow scenario are causing the behavior. You may want to log the values to ensure the inputs to ePWM block are within the desired range.


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