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Smartphone app that sends data to MATLAB software

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I am working a little on some acoustic monitoring using smartphones. In respect to that I was pondering whether it is possible to write an iPhone app in e.g. swift for iOS that is capable of transmitting an audio file to either a MATLAB desktop computer or MATLAB software installed on a server and then have MATLAB evaluate the audio file prior to sending the result back to the Phone. Here the catch is that I would like to avoid e.g. the MATLAB mobile interface in order to be able to customize the user interface. Would such a task perhaps only be possible by deploying MATLAB code on a MATLAB Production Server or is there perhaps a general software architecture problem in interfacing a custom build smartphone app with MATLAB?

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Han Du
Han Du on 9 Aug 2018
One options is uploading data to MATLAB Drive through any browser from your mobile device. Then either MATLAB Online and MATLAB desktop can be used to do data processing on MATLAB Drive directly. MATLAB Drive


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