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M M on 18 Jun 2012
I was wondering if anyone knows how to make column headings using xlswrite function. I tried making a string array that would precede the data, but in the .xls file xlswrite function would expand every character in the string into individual cells, rather than the entire string in one cell to act as the column title. If anyone knows how to have the string, act like a number so that they can be added into the excel in one cell, I would really appreciate it.
- thanks

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M M on 18 Jun 2012
Figured it out for myself so if anyone wants to put column titles here:
C = java_array('java.lang.String',4);
C(1) = java.lang.String('Apple');
C(2) = java.lang.String('Bear');
C(3) = java.lang.String('Cat');
C(4) = java.lang.String('Dog');
T = cell(C)

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Eamonn on 19 Jun 2012
The above solution seems a bit excessive. What if you just did something like this:
T = {'Apple', 'Bear', 'Cat', 'Dog'}; xlswrite(filenameA, T, 1, 'A1');
or if it's just a once off set of titles
xlswrite(filenameA, {'Apple', 'Bear', 'Cat', 'Dog'}, 1, 'A1');
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M M on 19 Jun 2012
That was my initial approach. The problem was that each individual character in the title would end up getting its own cell. So 'Apple' would take five cells, instead of just one to act as the column title. This was the only thing that worked the way I wanted.

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