Get the max value and the indices of max value across a series of matrices

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I have a 25x50 matrix each having another 128x128 matrix in each cell. Now I want to create a 25x1 matrix that will have a 128x128 matrix in each cell containing the maximum value across those eleven 128x128 matrices in each row. I also need the index of that cell from which the maximum value came from.

Accepted Answer

Andrei Bobrov
Andrei Bobrov on 20 Aug 2018
Let A - your cell array (25 x 50) with double matrix 128 x 128.
n = size(A,1);
maxvalue = cell(n,1);
maxidx = cell(n,1);
for ii = 1:n
[maxvalue{ii},maxidx{ii}] = max(cat(3,A{ii,:}),[],3);

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Julie on 20 Aug 2018
BigMat=cellfun(@(x) cat(3,DATA{:,x}),num2cell(1:25),'UniformOutput',false)
[maxVal idx] = cellfun(@(x) max([BigMat{x}],[],3),num2cell(1:25),'UniformOutput',false)
BigMat is all of the columns concatenated into 3D matrices (use DATA{x,:} for rows instead). Then the value and indices are found using max.


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