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fortran convert to Matlab

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SAKIR SAHIN on 21 Aug 2018
Dear Sir, I’m professor in Geophysical Division, Suleyman Demirel University in Isparta, Turkey. I have software writted by fortran 77. I want to convert to matlab this software. How can I convert my file writted by fortran 77 to Matlab? Thanks

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Ben Barrowes
Ben Barrowes on 22 Aug 2018
If the free version of f2matlab cannot convert your code, please mail me. I should be able to help. I have additional tools to convert old fortran code to f90 standards, including removing all goto's, then convert the code (along with common blocks, include files, etc.) into matlab source code.
Ben Barrowes
Ben Barrowes on 1 Jun 2021
Hi, please email me (in English please) at
Ibtissem Kettouche
Ibtissem Kettouche on 1 Jun 2021
Well, I'll email you right away. Thanks

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ES on 21 Aug 2018
You may try this. Not sure if it works.


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