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How to debug .ssc file for custom simscape component

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I have a custom created simscape block in my model. At certain point in the simulation I get an error "Transient initialization, solving for consistent states and modes, failed to converge. Nonlinear solver: failed to converge, residual norm too large."
This error occurs inside a loop in the source code (.ssc file) of custom simscape component. I want to know if there is a method by which I can find out the values of parameters used in the loop which ultimately triggers the error.
Something like a break point as in the case of normal .m file or if there is any other way to figure out what happens inside the loop which is causing the error. Thanks in advance.
Miles Walker
Miles Walker on 11 Dec 2020
Hello Sudhanshu, did you find a solution to this in the end? It seems to me there aren't many tools available for debugging custom Simscape components (assuming they've passed the ssc_build stage).
Hitesh on 6 Jul 2023
Even i would like to take this opportunity to ask for availability of debugger for custom Simscape components. Any support from Mathworks Team on this?

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Answers (1)

Javier Gazzarri
Javier Gazzarri on 1 Aug 2023
Hello Sudhanshu, Hitesh,
The equivalent to a breakpoint is not possible in Simscape because the code in an ssc file is not executed sequentially like in a MATLAB script, but rather is compiled at the start of the simulation to define a behavior as part of a physical matrix.
Would you be able to share the code that is causing the problem so that we can take a look at your specific case? Is this a fluids simulation with phase change? This physical domain is typically difficult to initialize and good initial states are needed for the model to initialize correctly.
Best regards,


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