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1 library block is generated in autocode as 2 different functions. How can I generate 1 common function?

Asked by GK
on 30 Aug 2018
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on 30 Aug 2018
I have created a custom library 'abc' in Simulink and set it as atomic. This atomic library is used at 2 places in the model and where its used as follow: 1. it gets input signal which is generated locally in the same subsystem. 2. it gets input signal which is generated in another atomic subsystem.
So when I generate code using Embedded Coder, two different functions are generated. 1. abc() -> this uses the local signal 2. abc_x() -> this uses the signal from another atomic subsystem
My problem is 2 different functions are used which increase in memory consumption. So how can I generate 1 common function for both the purpose ?


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1 Answer

Answer by TAB
on 30 Aug 2018

In Subsystem block parameter dialog, goto "Code Generation" tab and select "Function Packaging" as "Reusable function".

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Thanks for your effort. It is already set as 'reusable function'. And custom function name as name of the library block - 'abc'.

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