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i have used functions in my program. how to write program without using functions?

Asked by Shan Sha on 5 Sep 2018
Latest activity Commented on by Shan Sha on 6 Sep 2018
i have taken a code from online. in that code they have called functions in program. i need the same program without calling functions. how can i write a code


What you are saying was correct. but i need some of the lines to display in workspace. I cant check any specific line inside a function. so only i m asking this
if true
% code
"I cant check any specific line inside a function"
Yes you can, that is exactly what the debugging tools are for. Instead of converting your perfectly good functions into ugly scripts, learn how to use the debugging tools:
If you want to see what is happening inside your function then converting it into scripts is not the solution. All programmers want to know what happens inside their functions, which is why they invented all of the debugging tools. You can use them too.
thanks sir. i will learn to use debugging tools

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