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How to determine a domain for a function

Asked by Robert D Antonio on 13 Sep 2018
Latest activity Commented on by Adam Danz
on 16 Sep 2018
In class, we were instructed to set up a systematic solver in Matlab in Script, not live script. This should determine when a radicand is non-negative. This is what we were told to use function f = mysolver(mytext, myvar) f=feval(symengine,'sovle',mytext,myvar,'Real'); end
Then we invoke the function in LS mysolver(27-x^3>=0,x)
No matter what variations I try to make to this, I always get incomprehensible error messages. I am a first time Matlab user. Any suggestions how to get the range where 27-x^3>=0 ?

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In or to help you troubleshoot your code, you'll need to provide the relevant parts of your code and the exact copy-pasted error messages you're getting along with which line in your code is producing them.

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