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Change existing label in Image Labeler

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Elias on 25 Oct 2018
Answered: Vlad Atanasiu on 25 Feb 2022
Hello, there is an existing image labeling session and I want to change some of the ROI descriptions one by one manually.
I don´t want to change all labels of one class. I tried double click, right click etc. but with no positive result.
By now I have to delete old/false labels and move a new one into the old position.

Answers (1)

Vlad Atanasiu
Vlad Atanasiu on 25 Feb 2022
Changing the label of existing ROIs would be a quite useful feature for the Image Labeler app. For example, if you wish to correct the groundtruth, you would gain time by changing labels instead of deleting + redrawing. The feature would also allow to maintain the exact ROI geometry.

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