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using data from a .txt file in matlab

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Biza Ferreira
Biza Ferreira on 25 Oct 2018
Commented: madhan ravi on 26 Oct 2018
Hello friends, I have a fews problems, I have a text file and inside have some data disposed in columns. I want to load some columns, now my problem is how to bring the columns that I need? This is my file.

Answers (2)

Abdul Rehman
Abdul Rehman on 25 Oct 2018

Biza Ferreira
Biza Ferreira on 26 Oct 2018
Thanks for your reply I ended up making the following code, but it does not bring me all the data.Can someone help me?
if true
[filename pathname]= uigetfile({'*.txt'},'Select .txt file');
fullpathname = strcat(pathname, filename);
app.locationFile.Value = fullpathname;
textLocalization = fopen(fullpathname,'r');
mesurements = textscan(textLocalization,'%d %d %d %f %d','HeaderLines',3,'Delimiter',' ');


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