How to create large data in MATLAB. For large array showing out of memory.

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I am trying to generate 3D mesh for my finite element simulation in MATLAB.But due to large number of nodes or array size it is giving error * "out of memory"*. The array size is more than 500 millions. I am using MATLAB in Linux system. How can I generate large data in MATLAB? Please guide me.
Abhishek Saini
Abhishek Saini on 4 Dec 2018
You could use repmat to generated repeated mesh. Here is the code you could use. i hope this will help you.
%dx, dy, dz - spacing in each direction
dx=0.5; dy=0.5; dz=0.5;
% number of nodes in x, y and z directions
nx= 500; ny = 500; nz=500;
% mesh centre in each direction
cx=0; cy = 0; cz=0;
%define nodes
px = repmat( dx*( (1:nx)-(nx+1)/2 ).', [1,ny,nz])+cx;
py = repmat(dy*( (1:ny).'-(ny+1)/2).', [nx,1,nz] )+cy;
pz = repmat(dz*permute( (1:nz).'-(nz+1)/2,[2,3,1]), [nx,ny,1] )+cz;
px = reshape(px,[],1); py = reshape(py,[],1); pz = reshape(pz,[],1);
nodePos = [px(:), py(:), pz(:)].';
nEls = (nx-1)*(ny-1)*(nz-1); % total number of elements
n = 8; % cubic element
elNodes = zeros(n,nEls);
cubeNodes = zeros(8,1);
elCnt = 0;
for elCntZ = 1:(nz-1)
for elCntY = 1:(ny-1)
for elCntX = 1:(nx-1)
cubeNodes(1) = elCntX-1 + (elCntY-1)*nx + (elCntZ-1)*nx*ny;
cubeNodes(2) = elCntX + (elCntY-1)*nx + (elCntZ-1)*nx*ny;
cubeNodes(3) = elCntX + (elCntY )*nx + (elCntZ-1)*nx*ny;
cubeNodes(4) = elCntX-1 + (elCntY )*nx + (elCntZ-1)*nx*ny;
cubeNodes(5) = elCntX-1 + (elCntY-1)*nx + (elCntZ-1+1)*nx*ny;
cubeNodes(6) = elCntX + (elCntY-1)*nx + (elCntZ-1+1)*nx*ny;
cubeNodes(7) = elCntX + (elCntY )*nx + (elCntZ-1+1)*nx*ny;
cubeNodes(8) = elCntX-1 + (elCntY )*nx + (elCntZ-1+1)*nx*ny;
elCnt = elCnt+1;
elNodes(1:8,elCnt) = cubeNodes(:);
elNodes = elNodes+1;

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Caglar on 7 Nov 2018
Edited: Caglar on 7 Nov 2018

Stephen23 on 7 Nov 2018
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 8 Nov 2018
.mat files are not usually datastores themselves. You can use a custom read function to use them as a datastore but you need to tell it what kind of data is being processed.

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