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eCAN loading problems to TI C2000 C28x3x card; are example only for Vector hardware

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I am trying to use CAN communication for loading application to Control Card F28335. I am using CAN Calibration Protocol and External Mode example and Set Up CAN Communication with Target Hardware page as a reference. But this this example requires Vector-Informatik CAN hardware and software. I do not have Vector-Informatik CAN but some other CAN to USB converters. Actually I have two different ones (Lawicel AB's CANUSB and PEAK System's PCAN-USB FD) and both cannot connect to the Control Card and load application. When I Run in External mode I get the folowing message:
Build process completed successfully Searching ASAP2 file for signal information. Searching ASAP2 file for parameter information. Searching DAQ mapping file for DAQ event channel mappings. [Warning: A Java exception occurred trying to load the com/mathworks/toolbox/ecoder/canlib/vector/VectorCAN class: Java exception occurred: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: com.mathworks.toolbox.ecoder.canlib.vector.VectorCANJNI.get_CAN_MESSAGE_STANDARD()I at com.mathworks.toolbox.ecoder.canlib.vector.VectorCANJNI.get_CAN_MESSAGE_STANDARD(Native Method) at com.mathworks.toolbox.ecoder.canlib.vector.VectorCAN.<clinit>( at java.lang.Class.forName0(Native Method) at java.lang.Class.forName(Unknown Source) at com.mathworks.jmi.OpaqueJavaInterface.findClass( ]
In order for CAN comincatin to work are Vector tools required or can I use any other manufacture ant their CAN to USB converters? Automated SImulink process is loading VectorCAN. What if I have different CAN device?

Accepted Answer

Antonin on 26 Nov 2018
Hi Mike,
Our built-in External Mode support over CAN for TI C2000 processors only supports the Vector tools.
The Vehicle Network Toolbox supports the PEAK hardware and would allow you to create a host model to communicate with a target model running on the F28x3x processor. You would have to place eCAN blocks in your target model with this approach which is more manual than External Mode but allows higher throughput.
Note that we only support communicactions to monitor data and tune parameters, we don't have provisions to load the code over CAN at this point.
As an alternative to CAN, External mode is supported over serial for TI C2000 devices.
I hope it helps,
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Mike Buba
Mike Buba on 26 Nov 2018
Edited: Mike Buba on 26 Nov 2018
Hello Antonin,
thank you for the answer. Can you please recommend minimum Vector hardware to use? In the instructions it only says: "Make sure that the Vector Hardware is installed properly". It doesn't specify which one (hardware or software). On other page there are references to CANcaseXL, CANboardXL, and CANcardXL. Is CAN to UBS converter enough?
... those CAN devices are not that cheap and apparently, I already have two that are not supported
Also, as I understand, I must load the code using serial communication and with CAN I can only monitor and tune. This is okay. But can you just confirm once again that this is the process.
* I am already using serial communication, but it breaks down at higher voltages, I presume due to noise. CAN is more robust. I would like to try with CAN.

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Antonin on 26 Nov 2018
Hi Mike,
Our CAN solution is based on the Vector XL Library which is compatible with pretty much all Vector hardware.
We tested internally using the older CANCaseXL, CANCardXL and the newer VN1610.
The most popular Vector device used to be the CANCaseXL, and is now the VN1610.
I would recommend the VN1610, which I think should also be one of the most cost effective solution.
I hope it helps,

ashwinee jadhao
ashwinee jadhao on 21 Feb 2019
can I use thiosn VN1610 for testing PIL using CAN COMMUNICATION




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