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phase correlation coefficient between 2 vectors of unequal size

Asked by PAK
on 28 Nov 2018
HI All,
I have a question regarding some circular statistics. I am trying to calculate the circular correlation coefficient "rho" (and resultant p-value) between to vectors. These vectors are, for example, a 1x5000 vector of phase values (in radians) and a 1x2500 vector of phase values (in radians). I would like to get rho and p for this. My problem arises using the circ_corrcc from the circular statistics toolbox - Circular Statistics Toolbox (Directional Statistics). Since my matrices are of different dimensions, "circ_corrcc" errors out when I run the following code. Additionally, it doesn't seem to work if I pad the matrices with NaN to make the dimensions equal.
[rho_low_theta,pval_low_theta] = circ_corrcc(test_phases, test_phases1);
Does anyone know how I would be able to get this correlation, perhaps using some other combinations of functions?


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