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Rename file with date

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joo  tan
joo tan on 12 Jul 2012
Dear all..
i have many file with name by modified julian date..i have used matlab progrrming JD2CAL (Converts Julian date to calendar date using algorithm).. It is succesfull but the problem is when day in January , November and December..For example 1112007.txt represent for 11/1/2007 but problem for file date 1/11/2007 also will rename the file with 1112007.txt..So, the data for this two date will mix i can solve it?
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TAB on 12 Jul 2012
What if use notation like DS_MM_YYYR.txt (for eg. 01_11_2007.txt) ...?

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Answers (2)

Jan on 12 Jul 2012
Edited: Jan on 12 Jul 2012
Either use 2 digits for the day and the month, or add a separator.
sprintf('%.2d%.2d%.4d', 1, 1, 2007)
sprintf('%d_%d_%d', 1, 1, 2007)
I'd prefer this, because the alphabetical order equals the temporal order:
sprintf('%.4d%.2d%.2d', year, month, day)

Azzi Abdelmalek
Azzi Abdelmalek on 16 Jul 2012
Edited: Azzi Abdelmalek on 8 Aug 2012
file=[file '.txt']
Star Strider
Star Strider on 9 Aug 2012
The jd2cal function returns [yr,mn,dy]. It is not the source of the ambiguity.

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