MCR quite large, remove unncessary parts of the program (allowed by license?)

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as the "Matlab Compiler Runtime" ist quite large (about 2GB unzipped for Matlab 2016a and even 3.60 GB for Matlab 2018b).
Is it possible and allowed by the license to ship the content of
C:\Program Files\MATLAB\MATLAB Runtime\v901
after removing unnecessary files in our commercial product. I would assume that for example the header files *.h, *.png, *html
are not needed for our compiled "jar".
Are there any plan to make the MCR modular, as it is a quite large package, if you only use some functions without GUI and so on.
Thank you
Rik on 16 Dec 2018
I am not a lawyer, nor a Mathworks employee.
I would expect you would be allowed to remove files from those folders, but you would not be allowed to repackage that into a new setup. You would probably be allowed to have a custom setup that installs the MCR and then removes some files.
If you want to be sure: ask a lawyer and/or ask Mathworks with the contact us button at the top of this page.

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