getting this error: "Error using importKerasNetwork (line 93) Unable to import layers from file 'model.h5' because it contains no 'model_config' attribute."

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When Iam trying to import a custom model file 'model.h5' created using keras - model.save_weights()
Please help

Accepted Answer

Don Mathis
Don Mathis on 4 Jan 2019
Edited: Don Mathis on 4 Jan 2019
It's a file that contains weights only, without the architecture. You need to create it using, not model.save_weights().

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dror yemini
dror yemini on 25 Jun 2019
also note may recive error
so just change
#Expected input to be a scalar with value >= 1e-05
x = BatchNormalization(epsilon=1e-03, momentum=0.9, weights=None)(x)


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