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Problems with the Mode function

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PAK on 5 Jan 2019
Commented: PAK on 5 Jan 2019
Hi Everyone,
Happy New Year!
I'm having problems with the "mode" function in Matlab 2018a. I have a 1x1979253 single "x", where Matlab calculates the mode as 36.1455.
However, when I quick check to make sure that makes sense by putting my values into a histogram, it is very clear the mode should be in the 60s, which also is where I was expecting it to be.
Any ideas what could be causing this? I've attached the histogram for reference.LFP_Frequencies.jpg
y = mode(x,2);


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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 5 Jan 2019
We're not sure how you plotted that. Are you sure that the x axis are the actual values of your data, and not just the bin numbers? Did you do
[counts, edges] = histcounts(data);
or did you do
bar(edges(1:end-1), counts);
Are you sure that it's bin 60 that is the highest and bin 60 contains values from 32 to 35 or something?

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PAK on 5 Jan 2019
Sorry about this question, I think I figured out the issue just now.
Rounding to two significant figures before using mode sorted out this issue.
Thanks for pointing out the plotting issue, I didn't think abou the bin count/actual data issue. I will incorporate that into my analysis as well!

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