Plot cylinder symmetry axis

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I am using the function cylinder to generate a cylinder model. I would like to show the cylinder axis in my plot.
There is a function to rapidly plot the axis or i have to necessary build it and than plot ?
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Raj Gopal Mishra
Raj Gopal Mishra on 26 Jul 2020
We can Also plot it with simple Circle patch repeating it for number of times till we get height.
r=1.5; % radius
h=10; %height
while z(1,1)<h,
patch([x -x], [y -y], [z z], 'r')
hold on
hold off

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Star Strider
Star Strider on 8 Jan 2019
I am not certain what you intend by ‘axis’.
If you just want a line through the axis of the cylinder, try this:
[X,Y,Z] = cylinder;
surf(X, Y, Z)
hold on
plot3([0 0], [0 0], [-1 2], ':r', 'LineWidth',2)
hold off
grid on
Experiment to get the result you want.
Star Strider
Star Strider on 9 Jan 2019
As always, my pleasure.
For reference, the cylinderModel class (link) is part of the Computer Vision System Toolbox (link) that I do not have.
I added that and MATLAB to the ‘Products’ tags.

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