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are there any web computing platform availabe for students to compute huge simulink file?

Asked by akash sonnad on 28 Jan 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Walter Roberson
on 14 Feb 2019
I check for AWS with MATLAB but I want to know to what extent it is free


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Answer by Dilip Kunderu on 4 Feb 2019
 Accepted Answer

MATLAB, MATLAB Production Server, and MATLAB Distributed Computing Server can be used on virtual machines in AWS, Azure, or other cloud environments.
While most available MathWorks license options can be used in the cloud, a Designated Computer license is one exception – it requires installation on a local, physical computer.
The cloud offers access to a wide variety of computing and storage resources, allowing you to do more with MATLAB. However, creating and configuring cloud infrastructure properly requires a certain amount of working knowledge specific to each cloud vendor. MathWorks offers reference architectures developed for both AWS and Azure, which automate much of the creation and configuration. Learn more about MathWorks support for AWS and Azure.
Note: Some MATLAB add-ons are not applicable in the cloud, such as those requiring a physical connection between dedicated hardware and the computer running MATLAB.


Ya i came across it. Any idea on how much it may cost?
However Student licenses cannot be used with any of these services except Matlab Online. A Login Named User license is required which is not available for Student licenses . AWS is specifically documented as not available to Student licenses .

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