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How to store vectors as parameters in a matrix

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Faranak Sharifi-Babaki
Faranak Sharifi-Babaki on 30 Jan 2019
Hi, I needed help with storing vectors that are passed in my function into a matrix. More specificially, the vectors are of size 4 where
[a1, a2, a3, c]. I wanted to make a 3x3 matrix and a fourth individual vector with the three c (plural)s.
Here is my code:
function [Pspace, Nspace] = a1 (plane1, plane2, plane3);
A = [plane1; plane2; plane3];
Note: I want A to be a 3x3 matrix but each vector passed in has 4 elements!


James Tursa
James Tursa on 30 Jan 2019
You obviously can't stuff 12 elements into 9 elements. Maybe you could describe the larger problem here and what this function output will be used for, and what the inputs are.
Faranak Sharifi-Babaki
Faranak Sharifi-Babaki on 30 Jan 2019
The function takes as input 3 planes, each specified as a row vector with 4 entries that are interpreted as the coefficients [a1, a2, a3, c]. I am supposed to put the 3 planes in this form: Ax=b
For example if function is called with: a1([1 2 3 4], [2 3 4 5], [ 3 3 3 3] )
I am supposed to turn it into a 3x3 matrix:
1 2 3
A= 2 3 4
3 3 3
and seperate the vector
b= 5
The function must return two values: the particular solution as a [column] weight vector Pspace and the null solution as a matrix Nspace; the columns of Nspace are weight vectors that are a basis of the null space of the solution.

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Answers (1)

Eugenio Grabovic
Eugenio Grabovic on 30 Jan 2019
A = [plane(1:3);plane2(1:3);plane3(1:3)];
b = [plane1(4);plane2(4);plane3(4)];
Now A is 3x3 matrix and b is 3x1 vector.

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