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Coverage map for Base station signal strength

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Basically I am trying to implement the already given example in MATLAB 2017b, but the output shown in the documentation is different than what I am getting after implementing it. Can anybody please suggest me, why is there such difference in output. Thank you
Coverage Map for Strong and Weak Signals
I am getting diferent output:

Accepted Answer

Jacob Halbrooks
Jacob Halbrooks on 13 May 2019
The difference in coverage maps between the example and your results in R2017b is due to the usage of terrain data that was added in R2018b. That release introduced the Longley-Rice propagation model as the new default along with automatic access to terrain data (Internet required), which results in more realistic coverage maps than the R2017b version you used.
The R2019a version of Antenna Toolbox added a couple of other terrain features, including the ability to import terrain data from DTED-files and support for the TIREM propagation model.

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