Index exceeds matrix dimensions

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Andrei Creanga
Andrei Creanga on 11 Feb 2019
Edited: Yogananda Jeppu on 15 Feb 2019
I keep getting the error listed in the title when using simulink on matlab R2017a.
"index exceeds matrix dimensions".
I've tried reading the answers on here but any variation I make in my code or simulink doesn't resolve the problem.
Also, sometimes it'll run but other times it spits out this error.
my code is
a = 4;
b = 25;
c_vals = [200 20 10 2]
hold on
for i=1:length(c_vals)
c = c_vals(i);
sim('simulink1'); %% this is where the error occurs
hold off
Andrei Creanga
Andrei Creanga on 11 Feb 2019
Thank you for pointing that out I just fixed the question

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Answers (2)

Luna on 11 Feb 2019
Edited: Luna on 11 Feb 2019
You can't use simulink as a variable name.
simulink(i)=simulink1; % simulink is already a built-in function which starts simulink
%% Use this:
mySimResult{i} = simulink1; % I don't know what kind of variable your simulink1, that's why I put cell array with curly braces.
Luna on 12 Feb 2019
What is the name of your script .m file and .slx file?

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Yogananda Jeppu
Yogananda Jeppu on 15 Feb 2019
Edited: Yogananda Jeppu on 15 Feb 2019
As a rule please use meaningful variable names. Simulink is a keyword. I get a feeling you are trying to store that data variable "simulink1" from model named "simulink1" to a variable "simulink". Depending on what you have set for the simulation time the “to workspace” variable "simulink1" can be of same size or different size but it will have many data points based on time of simulation. That cannot be assigned to simulink(i). For your problem statement fix the simulation time and sampling time. This will give you a fixed length of simulink1 - output from model simulink1. use that to store. As you have c_vals of length 4 initialise SIMULINK (better than simulink) to zeros(1001,4) if you are using 10 seconds and 10 msec sampling. SIMULINK(:,i) = simulink1; should store the data for you.

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