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Calculating and plotting an integral

Asked by Susan
on 14 Feb 2019
Latest activity Edited by David Goodmanson on 17 Feb 2019
Hi guys,
Can anyone help me in calculating the attached integral.
a = 0:10 (dB)
x = sqrt(2*a)
and the goal is plotting PB vs. x.


on 14 Feb 2019
Have a read here (or here for more general advice). It will greatly improve your chances of getting an answer.
Hi Su,
the inner integral (the one that is taken to the N/2-1 power) is
normcdf(v+X) - normcdf(-(v+X))
which is also
2*normcdf(v+X) - 1
assuming that v+X >= 0. But the lower limit on the outer integral, v >= -X, assures that this is the case.
So you can plug in either of those two expressions and then you are at least down to a single integral, which can be done numerically.

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