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Combine structural and thermal analysis in FEA-Tool

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is it possible, to combine the thermal and structural analysis in the FEA-Tool?
I'm looking for solving a thermal elasticity problem like "how big is the deflection when the workpice is heated" or "how high is the tension in a clamped workpice, when heated".
Or more mathematically: I'm trying to solve
  • θ - temperature
  • - reference temperature
  • u - deflection
  • ρ - mass density
  • c - specific heat capacity
  • κ - thermal conductivity
  • α - coefficient of thermal expansion
  • λ,μ - Lamé parameters
  • γ - heat source
  • b - vector of body forces
  • - stiffness tensor (4th order)
  • I - 2nd order unit tensor
The term in the first equation can be neglected if necessary. It only discribes how the workpice heats up, when deflected. This effect is rather small for my application.
Thank you very much in advance for any provided help.

Answers (1)

Precise Simulation
Precise Simulation on 31 May 2019
Dear ML,
Depending on your problem, you might find the linked example of MATLAB FEA simulation of coupled thermo-mechanical deformation in a beam helpful


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