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function signature for package function

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Well I just hit "cancel" instead of "submit" so here's a short version :/
I can't get functionSignatures.json to work for the function "fileWrite" inside a package ""
Validation (validateFunctionSignaturesJSON) can't find the function if it is just "fileWrite" and complains when it is "" => Unable to get metadata for method "fileWrite" of class "".
I am assuming this is a bug but am I missing something simple? Either version doesn't seem to work in the command window (ignoring validation)
Using 2018b


Ken Atwell
Ken Atwell on 2 Mar 2019
That error message from validateFunctionSignaturesJSON is suspicious.
What does:
>> which
Jim Hokanson
Jim Hokanson on 2 Mar 2019
It returns the correct path:
...mat_std_lib\+sl\+io\fileWrite.m % static method or package function
I'm guessing it is a bug ... I'm going to go ahead and file a report.

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Accepted Answer

Jim Hokanson
Jim Hokanson on 5 Mar 2019
So apparently there were two issues.
First, these json files must be placed in the same folder that gets added to the path. So rather than being in the "+io" folder it needs to be placed in the folder that contains the "+sl" folder. This means that there will be only 1 JSON file for a package and all of its subpackages.
Second, there is currently a bug that prevents the tip window from popping up when typing with these nested functions in the command window. As a workaround they suggested that I could use a live script instead.


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