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Automatic point cloud segmentation

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gaetano mallardo
gaetano mallardo on 2 Mar 2019
Commented: gaetano mallardo on 20 Mar 2019
I have a point cloud as in picture. It is made mainly of a plane and some holes that could be identified as cylinder.
There is an easy way to perform the segmentation of the point cloud automatically?
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 2 Mar 2019
What do you mean by segmentation? You already KNOW all the points that go into making up the point cloud, because you plotted them. What more do you want?
gaetano mallardo
gaetano mallardo on 20 Mar 2019
Separate it by geometric regions. In this case, separate the flat plane from the cylinders.
I did it with fitcylinder, but It need to set a ROI, i was aking myself if there is a way to make the process automatic

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