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RGB to HSV image

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nonyt on 31 Mar 2011
Hello, I am trying to convert an rgb image to hsv.
I made the following steps:
1.make the image [MNx3]
2.multiply with the opponent coords
3.increase the saturation
4.apply Inverse transform to go back to rgb
5.Gamut mapping
6.Redo Display Gamma
Now i have an array MNx3
My problem is that i cannot display the image as it is. It displays a line. How can I convert that to an image??
Any help??
Jan on 31 Mar 2011
What does "[MNx3]" mean? Images have usually a size of [M x N x 3]. And how do you try to display the image? Please post the exact code instead of a description.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 23 May 2011
[EDIT: 20110523 15:18 CDT - move answer to comment - WDR]
hey gould you get the solution of your problem. If yes please send me the codes. I am trying to the same thing, I have a rgb image and i need to get the HSV (basically Hue) from that image at every pixel.
Please help me if you can
My email id is
i need it urgently, thanx again
Harshit Sharma

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Answers (1)

Jonas Reber
Jonas Reber on 6 Jun 2011
does the rgb2hsv function not work?
I do it that way...,
hsvimg = rgb2hsv(rgbimg);
... do something ... (like saturation increase)
rgbimg = hsv2rgb(hsvimg);


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