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Comparing the IR computed with ifft and with impulse

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Romain Liechti
Romain Liechti on 20 Mar 2019
Edited: Romain Liechti on 20 Mar 2019
I'm trying to compare the impulse response calculated by the function "impulse" in matlab with a model computed from frequency and phase data. I'm unable to get a good fit in the time domain.
% from the bode plot, ifft, and impulse function
% Comparing impulse from the exported data from the bode plot, from frd (frequency data object) and
% identified obejct
impulse_mag_ident = ifft(mag_ident.*exp(1j*pha_ident*pi/180),fs,'symmetric')./Ts;
% Don't forget to normalize the ifft with the number of points
impulse_mag_data = ifft(mag_data.*exp(1j*pha_data*pi/180),fs,'symmetric')./Ts;
t_ax = linspace(0,1,length(impulse_mag_data));
hold on
xlim([0 0.2])
title('Impulse response measurement')
xlabel('Time [s]')

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