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how to find the row index of specific vector in a matrix

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Hi everyone, suppose there's a marix [2 0;-2 1;2 3], I want find the row index of [-2 1], i.e., [-2 1] is on the second row of [2 0;-2 1;2 3]. how to realize it in matlab? Many thanks!

Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 7 Apr 2019
Try this:
A = [2 0;-2 1;2 3];
RowIdx = find(ismember(A, [-2 1],'rows'))
RowIdx =
Elizabeth Thompson
Elizabeth Thompson on 11 Mar 2022
How would I do this if the vector I am looking for is a subset of A? i.e. If A is a matrix with three columns, and I want to find which row a 1x2 array x is in of A? idx=find(ismember(A,x,'rows')) obviously wouldn't work here, but is there a way to do this still using the find(ismember()) command?

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